MSC Health & Safety Plan (Scroll down to find MSC Incident Reporting form)

The Mandeville Sports Club are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all users of the Mandeville Sports Club. We encourage and welcome any information from the users of the MSC that helps us to eliminate any potential hazards and makes MSC a safe place for all.

Urgent Hazard Notification: Please contact Richard 020 4128 7286

If a hazard is not urgent please email and state what the hazard is, where it is located, what danger it poses and any recommendation you have to eliminate or minimise the hazard.

Need to report an incident or near miss? Please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Having a club working bee?
MSC Clubs: We have attached a "MSC Task Analysis Form" for you to use prior to setting up a working bee at your club. This useful document will help you to decide prior to the event what needs to be done, what equipment you'll need and how it will all be done safely. If you require help, please call Richard 020 4128 7286. 

Does your club need help developing a Health and Safety Plan?

We suggest you check with your national sporting bodies website, as generally they have generic Health and Safety Plans that your clubs can use associated with your sport. 

What is our clubs responsibility if we are using a tradesman/contractor on the MSC Reserve?

Before your club has a contractor coming on to the MSC Reserve please inform Richard a few days prior, so a Contractor Safety Induction Pack can be completed (if required) and so a Task Analysis can also be completed prior to work starting.


If your club is holding a working bee or special project please identify the hazards involved with the task before starting and identify how you will minimise or eliminate the hazard before completing the task. If your club wish to bring any machinery onto the MSC Reserve to complete a task, MSC must be informed 3 days prior to the event.

We have attached our "Health and Safety Manual "/ Policy for all clubs to view, along with the "Risk Register" of our hazards and risk controls of these hazards.

If you feel a matter is urgent please do not hesitate to contact our club groundsman, Richard Belcher (02041287286) to report it straight away.