Mandeville Domain Tree Planting Plan

In 2013 the strong winds destroyed and damaged the majority of Mandeville's boundary shelters. This has taken a number of years to tidy up and we now have these area's in a condition to look at replanting.

Our main goals for the boundary plantings are the following:

·         Replace the shelter tree’s that were damaged and removed from the 2013 storms

·         To provide shelter for our park and neighbouring properties while creating an aesthetically pleasing view for our neighbours and park users.

·         Reduce any light pollution

·         Reduce sound travelling over the boundary

·         Create shelter that requires no regular trimming by machines

·         Select varieties that are drought tolerant and can withstand high winds

Pictured below is a basic outline of what tree's are to be used and a general layout plan for stage 1.

A copy of the plan for planting along the East Boundary has been added in the documents list on this page (May 2023)

MSC Reserve Lesiure/Bike Track 

The MSC Board have completed a plan to construct a track in and around the MSC Reserve for the community to use. There are various stages to the track which incorporates existing tracks on the reserve. 

A copy of this plan can be viewed in the documents list on this page.