Dogs at Mandeville Reserve

We welcome all dog owners to use the Mandeville Reserve to take their dogs for a walk or run!

Please take note of the following conditions we have in place to ensure the safety for all dogs, their owners and other users of the reserve. (Updated July 2023)

We have two types of dog areas on the MSC Reserve, "On-Leash" and "Off-Leash" areas. Please note no dogs are allowed in the “children’s playground” area.

1.      “Off-Leash” Areas

MSC provides two large paddock areas for dogs to be “Off-Leash”. Please see the map showing these areas.

2.      The areas outside of the two allocated “Off-Lease” paddocks on the Mandeville Reserve are "On-Leash" areas.

·        All dogs must be returned to a leash if horses or stock are present in the area they are walking their dog.

·        The Eyreton Pony Club and Christchurch Western Riding Association have rules stating dogs must be on a leash in their allocated areas when they are holding their club events. We ask all dog users to avoid these areas when events are being held.

·        Dogs are not permitted in the MSC playground or in buildings. (exception for guide dogs).

·        All waste must be picked up and deposited in bins or taken home. “Doggy Do” bins are available near the main entrance (Mandeville Road) and in the Dog Park parking area, for any waste you may have.