Mandeville Domain Tree Planting Plan

In 2013 the strong winds destroyed and damaged the majority of Mandeville's boundary shelters. This has taken a number of years to tidy up and we now have these area's in a condition to look at replanting.

Our main goals for the boundary plantings are the following:

·         Replace the shelter tree’s that were damaged and removed from the 2013 storms

·         To provide shelter for our park and neighbouring properties while creating an aesthetically pleasing view for our neighbours and park users.

·         Reduce any light pollution

·         Reduce sound travelling over the boundary

·         Create shelter that requires no regular trimming by machines

·         Select varieties that are drought tolerant and can withstand high winds

We have obtained expert opinion on what varieties suit our environment and goals. As part of the replanting plan we are looking to install an irrigation system to ensure every tree has the best chance of growing.

Pictured below is a basic outline of what tree's are to be used and a general layout plan for stage 1.